Booking directly with us guarantees you the best rates that you can find anywhere online for our Isle of Wight bed and breakfast

If you can't find what you are looking for then do ask as we can often help more than a simple booking system can! Call us on 01983 293599 or email [email protected]

Don't forget that Cowes gets really really busy and when we are running out of rooms the discounts won't work any more - book early for the best price.

Winter Discounts

Just 1 Night

Staying for just 1 night in winter - don't worry you still deserve up to 20% off

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2 or more nights

Staying for 2 or more nights and you can have up to 33% off - the longer you stay the less you pay

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Summer time

Get Organised

For all those lovely people who like to plan ahead we are able to give 5% early bird discount - only if you book more than 100 days in advance

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More than a night or two

If you want to come and stay for a longer trip then we are happy to help and can give you a 7.5% discount as a little thank you.

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