15% Red Funnel Ferry Discount Codes

Red Funnel Ferry Discount Codes

We are super pleased to be able to offer you our 15% discount code to use on Red Funnels website when you book to stay with us here at The Caledon, in Cowes on the Isle of Wight.

All you need to do is use our website to book at least one nights stay and add the discount code option onto your booking - Mark will then send the single use unique code for you to use with Red Funnel and you will get 15% off your standard car ticket. Easy! 1 car and up to 7 passengers between Southampton and East Cowes....perfect.

You are in complete control of your ferry booking and you get a discount - whats not to like.

Check it out next time you book a room with us. BOOK NOW

We are off to enjoy the Winter sunshine.

Mark & Andrea

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