Delicious home made jams from The Fruit Bowl, Newchurch

Made by Barbara and Alistair Jupe, The Fruit Bowl jams are simply delicious.

Raspberry & Loganberry, Gooseberry & Elderflower and Tayberry & Redcurrant are just a few of their flavours (and my favourites I might add).

They are so good, that whatever fruits they have in season, and therefore jams, we buy in to offer our lovely guests.

Absolutely nothing nasty in them – no preservatives used in making the jams and no insecticides used to grow their fruit, just lovingly home made fruity goodness.

Until 2012, Barbara and Alistair made all their jams in their kitchen, but have since had an eco friendly factory built in their back garden, the first of its kind on the Island, using the latest green technology, they aim to be self sufficient in energy with solar PV and solar thermal hot water, a heat pump and rainwater harvesting.

We like!

The Fruit Bowl, Newchurch, Isle of Wight