Hassle free corporate bookings

No longer does one person have to do all the bookings, anyone in the team can arrange accommodation without the need to use company credit cards.

Are you in charge of booking your company guests or corporate clients accommodation when they visit the Island?

It can be both time consuming and difficult trying to arrange travel dates, arrival times and then the accounts team!

We have taken some of the hassle out of the process with our new Corporate Membership package – once your company is set up , one phone call or email to us and we can book your accommodation needs and take care of the all the accounting payments and invoices directly with your accounts team. Invoices are sent directly to accounts on the day your guest arrives with us, payment is automatically taken from your bank the next day by direct debit. We also text directly to your guests to arrange arrival times, send directions and online check in forms. Easy.

You can still take advantage of either 7 day cancellation policy or non refundable booking terms.

Just give us a call on 01983 293599 or email stay@the-caledon.co.uk and we can get you set up