Local Apple Juice from Sharon Orchard

I never knew that apple juice could taste just like biting into a fresh apple until I tried Sharon Orchard’s apple juice. Each variety is stunningly different and delicious.
We serve Cox and Bramley at The Caledon at the moment, and once picked, pressed and bottled later on in the year we are keen to get Braeburn in, our favourite!
Run by Sharon McNally, who kindly delivers to us personally, the Orchard boasts over 4,000 apple trees, growing 20 different kinds of apple. They are pressed within a week of being picked and you can even go and watch the whole process at the Orchard if you are lucky enough to be on the Island on a pressing day.
Find them at Sharon Orchard, Smallbrook Lane,
Ryde P033 4BE Phone: (01983) 564595